Viacheslav Shyrshov (aka Slava Shyrshov) in Pedophiles Scandal. Pedophiles: Where is the Final Point Verging on Conviction?

        The world suffocates with pedophilia. Time and again, former convicts, personal coaches, businessmen, sportsmen, teachers, doctors and even priests sink in juicy scandals. Pedophiles are on your doorstep. So, lawyers recommend parents to keep an eye on the life of their children and apply to the police immediately after they have suspected any misconduct towards their children, unless they want to be too late.
        However, this filth cannot be exterminated efficiently. What’s wrong, then? It turns out that normally it is hard to prove any fact when a lusty guy uses sweets or computer games to decoy a child and then touches the child’s private parts or goes even farther.
After the Immigration Service in Denver (applied through Law Office of Stain Epshtain) denied in May 2016 the application for the extraordinary visa, Viacheslav  Shyrshov created the fake story and applied for REFUGEE status in California.     
Viacheslav (“Slava”) Viktorovych Shyrshov (UkrainianВ’ячеслав Вікторович Ширшов) (born July 9, 1979) is a freestyle swimmer from Ukraine, who won the gold medal in the men’s 50 meters freestyle event at the 2003 Summer Universiade in Daegu.  As of today, living in Roseville (near Sacramento), California and continues kids training activity, participated in U.S. Master Swimming (Spring 2018) as a member of Life Time Swim Pacific (LTPC) (Life Time Athletic (Fitness) Roseville). Also, now he is positioning himself as a Coach of Master Swim Classes (18+) at Life Time Athletic Club (Roseville, California),
and providing kids training in two different locations: Rancho Cordova, at 11335-B Folsom Blvd and Roseville, at 2501 Eureka St. Look it up at his Slava Swim Swimming School site.
Coach Slava Shyrshov at Life Time Athletic Club
         As a rule, such moral monsters leave the court unpunished. If even a case arouses a massive public uproar, a wrongdoer would move to another place of residence and would proceed with his/her usual filthy practices… while continuing teaching at the school, treating patients at the hospital or coaching children at a children’s sports school.
Our journalists have collected all pedophile cases in Ukraine and worldwide, as well as opinions of parents and experts. Specifically, they have addressed the case of the CSKA (Army Central Sports Club) Kiev Swimming Pool former coach, Europe swimming ex-champion Viacheslav Shyrshov, who, without giving a second thought, nestles down on the lap of a 10-year old girl, then posts the picture in the social media, although deletes it soon.
So, what is pedophilia, how should we act towards such perverts and how far is the last straw when such beasts need to be castrated on the spot?

Ex-Champion Viacheslav  Shyrshov (also known as Vyacheslav Shyrshov or Slava Shyrshov, married at Natalia Shyrshova) leaves Ukraine because of the CSKA Swimming Pool Pedophiles Scandal:


Viacheslav Shyrshov and 10 years old girl

       The network is swarming with unthinkable perversions. Having come across a photograph posted by the CSKA metropolitan department ex-coach Viacheslav  Shyrshov (born 1979 ) (aka Vyacheslav Shyrshov), we, together with our lawyers, have commenced our investigation whether this case has any traces of pedophilia and where the borderline lies.
      The photo pinned up on his page in the social media looks, at least, queer. Soon, it was deleted by the author. In the picture, the coach is sitting on the lap of a girl… who has recently turned 10.
“Our child visited the swimming group for a few months. In general, she was satisfied. However, one fact made me uneasy…” father Boris (who asked to change his name) says. “I got on the Facebook, on the coach’s page, to look through the pictures of sports events. And I saw a photo there where he was sitting on the lap of a girl. I was shocked. Unspeakable! How could he behave like that? Then I talked to other parents and they interrogated their children. It turned out that Viacheslav had made such things before… Now, my child visits another swimming pool, and the coach has quit, I’ve heard.”
     The journalists have gathered some information about the coach. It appears that, one and half years ago, the Europe swimming ex-champion Viacheslav  Shyrshov, 39-year old sportsman was the CSKA Swimming Pool (now known as Dolphin Swimming School) Deputy Director. Recently, he migrated to the USA. The parents believe that he did so because of the alleged-pedophilia scandal.
     We have found out that before leaving Ukraine, Viacheslav  Shyrshov received a certificate of the 1st-Category Arbiter. The website of the Swimming Federation confirms this fact, too.    Nowadays, the pedophilia suspect, Viacheslav  Shyrshov, lives in Roseville (near Sacramento), California. In 2015, he applied for changing his tourist visa for an extraordinary visa which provides an opportunity to receive, in the future, a residence permit (Green Card). Maybe, he did so in order to avoid any questioning by the police in this country?
The mentioned sportsman intended to become legalized in the USA, to obtain a work permit and to get a job of a local swimming school teacher or to be a personal trainer, but the authorities declined the application filed by Viacheslav  Shyrshov for changing his status from a В1/В2 tourist visa holder to a holder of an immigration visa.
    Apparently, his sports achievements were not so impressive. It became known that while providing the documents for changing his status, Shyrshov submitted a FAKE certificate of the National Category Arbiter. As is mentioned above, he held a first category certificate only.
Viacheslav Shyrshov FAKE certificate of the National Category Arbiter
However, the runaway “pedophile” gives private swimming classes to children, while having obtained neither specialized licenses nor even a work permit in the USA. He publishes fake advertisements (2015- 2016) in the local newspapers and magazines that he is a champion and a certified sportsman.

Advertisements in the local magazine "AFISHA" - California, Sacramento

Business Card of Viacheslav Shirshov in Sacramento

After Immigration Service in Denver (Applied through Law Office of Stain Epshtain) in May 2016 denied the application for the extraordinary visa, Viacheslav  Shyrshov created the fake story and applied for REFUGEE status in California. AGAIN FRAUD. By California LAW, for that kind of actions, he can be committed to a prison for several years and deported from the country. 

By the way, California is an undeclared Mecca for pedophiles. Back in the 90s, there were ca. 16 thousand pedophile convicts and about 200 of them were released from prison on a daily basis, most being castrated.

Let us ask what parents think

Are parents able to recognize a pedophile? Do they discuss this subject with their children? What kind of penalty is to be applied? At first, we interrogated 12 families, and this is what they say.


Natalia Denisova (32), scriptwriter:
“I suspect pedophilia as soon as a male stranger starts looking at my 5-year old daughter with excitement and wicked interest. A normal man should perceive a child as a small defenseless creature rather than a sex object. Recently, I watched a TV program where a father had raped his child and the latter had jumped out of a five-story window. How awful it was…”
“Starting from the early age, a child must be instructed that he/she should never agree to follow any adult man or woman. I tell my daughter that should someone offer her, say, sweets or give anything else, she must immediately notify her kindergartener, for example. Yes, nowadays, there are lots of sexual perverts. Recently, my child and I were taking a walk near a stadium, 8-year old boys playing football there, and a masturbator was committing a sexual act nearby. I called the police right away and they arrived in 20 minutes, but it was too late…”
“I believe, pedophiles should be put behind the bars for, say, 30 years. And it should be noted that they often kill their victims. In this case, they must be imprisoned for the rest of their lives. At least.”
Oleg Rybak (40), lawyer:
“Pedophilia occurs when there are external real manifestations: stroking, words, suggestions. For instance, utterances are also elements of pedophilia. Say, when an adult man starts saying to a 10-year old girl, who wears a size-two bra (which often happens at such age) and looks older at her age, how beautiful she is and proposes certain actions – touching her breast or other parts of her body, then, in fact, it is an act of pedophilia. Moreover, it’s a deliberate act, because the child has mentioned her age.”
“So, at least, since 7 years of age, when it is possible to tell a child where kinds come from, the child should be warned about the risks of pedophilia, though in a simple appropriate for children way. Indeed, we tell our children not to cross a road when a red light is on, and we tell them not to open the door for strangers. Likewise, we should instruct our child to notify the adult people around or start shouting when an unfamiliar man offers something or leads somewhere.”
“All pedophile must serve a real maximum sentence. Moreover, sterilization should be a mandatory additional penalty.”
Roman Polischuk (43), driving instructor:
“I don’t even know what kind of acts should be attributed to pedophilia; I am not an expert here. Hard to say. Yes, I have talked to my children about this subject… If it is a disease, such people should be never allowed to stay outdoors. However, it is not necessary to keep them in jail. They might be sent to a lunatic asylum but not only for a course of treatment there, as it happens… They should stay there for good.”
Marina Isaieva (37), assistant public notary:
“Frankly, pedophiles should be castrated! I have a kid and I fear such things. I keep on telling my kid about such possible danger. We even watched a special documentary where they gave some advice to children and parents as to how to behave in a hazardous situation.”
“Regretfully, capital punishment does not exist in our country, whereas pedophiles fully deserve such punishment.”
Olga Konovalchuk (26), on maternity leave:
“Pedophilia occurs when there is a direct solicitation or harassment of small children. I have a small kid. When he grows up a little, I am sure to tell him about the hazards and consequences of pedophilia. I think pedophiles deserve life sentence or the death penalty.”
Inna Schegolska (23), manicurist:
“In my view, pedophilia is where an adult person has a physical intercourse with a child. I don’t have children yet, so I have not had any educational discussions on the subject. Such people should be imprisoned. I would say more, though it may sound indecent… They should have one thing cut off.”
Liudmila Lopushniak (36), beauty salon manager:
“Pedophilia is where adult persons entice children. I’ve told my children to avoid any communication with suspicious persons and to refrain from accepting any sweets, cartoons or gifts, whatever.”
Dmitrii Tikholaz (27), programmer:
“Pedophilia means seeking a sexual intercourse with small children. I have had multiple preventive discussions with my children. Even took the kids to seminars on the subject. Such people should be isolated from the society. Completely.”
Vadim Storozhuk (43), guard:
“Pedophilia is a real sexual intercourse with minors. I tell my kids, now and then, how and what to do to avoid any trouble, God bless them! They should know the truth and know how to behave. I think that pedophiles should be put away and sent to special clinics.”
Vasilii Zinchenko (23), loader:
“Pedophilia is the case when an adult willfully has a sexual intercourse with a child. When I have my own kids, I will have to educate them on this subject. Pedophiles should be imprisoned. For long.”
Aleksei Humeniuk, 21, sales advisor:
“I have heard about such phenomenon as pedophilia; it is depriving small children, roughly said. In news programs, they talk much about pedophiles; so, children should be told how to behave in order to be safe. I don’t have any children yet; so, when I have, I will talk to them on the subject, within a sexual education program. As to punishment… I would wish they would be never born.”
Raisa Bilash (38), merchandiser:
“I have heard about pedophilia. It’s a very serious topic. I’ve had such conversations with my children because they ought to know how to behave. My attitude towards pedophiles is very aggressive; I think, such people should be shot down. However, I am not a supporter of shooting campaigns. Maybe, they should serve a life sentence, because such people are incurable. There are no such pills which could help them…”
Yuliia Koshkarova (27), housewife:
“Even mere words were spoken by an adult implying a sexual act may be considered as pedophilia. Yes, certainly, I tell my child about such jeopardy. However, children should not be overstuffed with such things. Pedophiles are sick people who have had problems in childhood. They should consult psychotherapists, and, in time, they may become safe for the public. However, their treatment requires a serious approach.”
“Psychologists should work with children. A trainer cannot be a pedophile”
Yuri Petrov, lawyer:
“Judging by the photo, it is impossible to determine whether this coach is a pedophile. Psychologists need to have a talk with the children who visited the swimming section. They should find out the details. It happens sometimes that children fear to confess, to their parents, that they have been raped. A subtle approach to such things is required. And if there are any facts on hand or if the children tell something – apply to the police immediately. Of course, it is not normal to sit on the lap of an underage girl. In a number of European countries, such misconduct entails a jail term or, at least, a mental examination by a psychiatrist and close supervision by the law enforcement bodies. So, if a person is found to be the one inclined to deprive minors, then such person will never be admitted to work with children as a coach.”
”In this case, it’s always better to be on the safe side. If it becomes evident that a person behaves oddly towards a child, calls the child to follow him/her, enticing such child with sweets, pets, whatever, you should call the police at once! It happens that a pedophile is wanted for a similar crime in other regions for months, while he/she hangs about your house and molests your children.
By the way, in my practice, there are several pedophilia-related trial cases. One case comes to mind. It was in 2006. I never say anything about my clients, but that case is a shock for me. A man was accused of raping a small girl. His mother beseeches me to get her son “off the hook”. So, I started to defend him. During the pre-trial period, he kept on telling me that he had not raped her… that she was telling lies about him. When all litigation was over and we won the case, he confided to me, smiling… how he was fond of children… and that he did have raped that girl. Three months later he was caught red-handed… My ex-client had raped such an underage girl again. This time, the outcome was very sad. He strangled his victim. I still see him grinning as if it were yesterday …”
What kind of punishment is meted out to pedophiles under the law of Ukraine?
The Criminal Code of Ukraine contains Article 156: Corruption of Minors. “…This implies various ways of satisfying, by the guilty, his/her sexual needs or passion in presence of a minor, or sexual instinct excitation”, – the Article reads. This can be stimulation of genitals of victims, touching their genitals or one’s own genitals, demonstration of one’s own genitals, open sexual discussions or acts, advice, etc. That is to say, that all masturbators and people who, someway, become excited at the sight of children below 14 years of age, fall within the scope of this Article. The penalty is a custodial restraint (limitation of freedom) for up to five years. However, if there is an act of rape, then there comes imprisonment for the term from five to eight years. So, any guy who sits down on the lap of your child may be a criminal. Take care; keep an eye on the life of your children and you will protect them against such peril.
How do they punish pedophiles in various countries?
If, in Ukraine, pedophilia is punishable via a 5-year sentence or less, neighboring Poland has secured the most severe punishment among the European counties, viz. up to 15 years in prison. Moreover, if an act of violence is committed by a relative, the sentence is supplemented with a compulsory chemical castration.
Britain, Germany, USA, Israel, India, Taiwan, Turkey, South Korea and Czechia are the counties, among many others, which have enacted chemical castration of perverts. Furthermore, in the Celestial Empire, the authorities have a short way with pedophiles: they are condemned to death!
It is worth mentioning that the law in the European and some other countries functions in such a way that a pervert may be punished even if he/she has not had any sexual intercourse with a child. Just mere touching a child will be enough for a criminal case. However, in this country, the authorities often turn a blind eye to even overt corruption of minors…
The most notorious pedophilia cases worldwide
Ukraine, Europe, the United States of America, as well as other countries abound with pedophilia cases. However, even in these countries, the childish flesh fans often get away scot-free: they buy off, shelter themselves behind influential celebrities or even abscond. A few examples are given below:
  1. In Britain, there are 260 celebrities and well-known persons among the pedophile suspects
Last year, in the UK, the authorities suspected over 1,400 persons of corruption of children. Of their number, there were 260 celebrities and well-known persons, shining in such fields as TV, sports, politics and show business. Such data are reported by DW.
  1. A famous rock group musician wished to rape a female fan’s baby
One of the most high-profile cases in Foggy Albion is the case vs. Ian Watkins, a musician of the famous rock group Lost Prophets. The musician has incriminated 13 acts of sexual harassment, and he is charged with a conspiracy with a female fan with intent to rape her baby. It was supposed, that the girl would, in such a way, prove her affection.
In court, Watkins denied everything alleging that the female fan had some mental problems. In turn, the lawyer of the musician stressed on the fact that his defendant had some mental disorder.
Another UK appalling sensational case was a Jimmy Savile case. Jimmy Savile, a late for the moment BBC showman, was charged with sexual perversion.
The investigation proved 34 rape facts. He was satisfying his zoological lust from 1955 until 2009. His youngest victim was only eight years of age.
  1. Michael Jackson, the most known pedophile


Despite his global popularity, the most famous US pedophile was pop king Michael Jackson, now deceased. It is asserted in the judicial documents that he arranged the so-called secret wedding ceremony, where the bride was a 9-year old boy. Later, the pop king paid the boy’s father hush money in the amount of one million dollars, – InoPressa reports. Jackson was accused of sexual abuse by then grown-up James Safechuck, whom Jackson solicited when he was a child. Also, there was a postmortem harassment-related accusation of Jackson by well-known choreographer Wade Robson. The man claimed that the pop king had been corrupting him from 5 to 14 years of age.
Speaking about “star-related” pedophilia, we cannot but mention that even Woody Allen was incriminated with sexual abuse. The foster daughter of the famous film director, Dylan Farrow, wrote an open letter to the New York Times, where she accused her father that he had been corrupting her since 7 years of age. However, she did not specify how he had done it.
  1. Clerical pedophilia: how sex maniacs hide behind the curtain of morals
Speaking about pedophilia among showbiz persons, the lecherous and bohemian mode of life of the majority of the so-called stars is not so abysmal for the public perception as compared to the facts of sexual abuse committed by the clergy; such facts force us to reckon how the moral values and standards have actually degraded.
One of the latest examples of the “clerical pedophilia” was the case when Russian priest Gleb Grozovski introduced his lascivious schemes at a children’s summer camp on Island Kos. In October 2013, a clergyman of St-Petersburg Eparchy (Diocese) was put on the international wanted list in connection with pedophilia charges. He was on the list until he was detained by Interpol in Israel one year later. Notably, the priest was actively involved in public life; he carried out HIV and AIDS preventive programs, was an instructor of Zenith football club and cooperated with SOS children’s village.
  1. In Germany, raping of children was covered up by the name of the Pope
Yet, there are more “long-playing” examples of pedophilia in the clerical circles. In Germany, within the period from 1953 to 1992, 231 children from the Regensburg Boy’s Choir suffered from physical torture and sexual assault. Lawyer Ulrich Weber started an investigation of the case in 2015. He got in contact with dozens of the sexual abuse victims and with authorized executives. So, forty child abuse cases were associated with sexual imposition, including both physical caress and rape.
Among those implicated in the wrongful acts was Johan Meier, director of the primary school of Bavarian Boy’s Choir. By the way, the pedophilia case had been investigated in 1987, but the director had not been even removed from his office then. Mass media report that even brother of Pope Benedict XVI Georg Ratzinger knew about the facts of sexual abuse. Yet, he concealed them. By now, however, the limitation period for those cases has already expired, meaning that the victims now cannot go to court.
By the way, recently, the film Spotlight was released, based on the investigation by Boston newspaper correspondents. They unearthed the truth and collected a comprehensive list of Catholic priests who had corrupted children. Such priests have been spotted in Poland, Romania, England, USA and other countries. Their number exceeds 2,000 … pedophilic churchmen.
There is clear proof of the above-said… In June this year, Pope Francis stiffened the requirements to bishops in the Church moral purification domain. The Pontiff has issued the edict (epistle motu proprio), reading that the Catholic bishops who demonstrate “insufficient severity” towards the priests accused of corruption of minors may be dismissed from service.
  1. In Ukraine, a 14-year old girl conceived form her stepfather
In Ukraine, there are numerous cases of sexual corruption of children, too. This scourge is being disseminated, cynically and unscrupulously, by the TV through spectacular talk shows with the most notorious personalities involved in sex incidents. Moreover, judging by the viewing figures, such stories are in enormous demand among Ukrainians.
Among the most shocking stories, there was a story about a 14-year old girl, Oksana, who had been raped, on a regular basis, by her stepfather. Poor Oksana even delivered his son, Rostislav. The victim told the correspondents that her stepfather had been making love to her throughout all nine months of her pregnancy.
However, Oksana’s mother had used to defend her husband, forcing her daughter to lie to the social security officers and mass media people that that was her neighbor’s baby.
Furthermore, when the Ukrainian TV demonstrates such stories in the light of the crisis and family problems, the Internet mass media publications are peppered with the ads offering sex for money, affordable for more prosperous circles.
One of the most “known” Ukrainian pedophiles is the notorious and popular accordionist Igor Zavadski. The court has imprisoned him for 13 years. As a reminder, the worldwide renowned musician, together with his administrator and driver, depraved underage boys. In consideration for the common pastime and sex plays, the musician bought, for the children, mobile phones, footwear, and clothes.
The police decided to keep the artiste under around-the-clock surveillance after one of the boys had told the police how Igor Zavadski and his administrator had been depriving him for 3 years.
In the course of the search, the police also revealed a great number of porn videos.
Officially, the number of Zavadski’s victims amounts to six. However, mass media figure out another number, viz. 50 children. Such great difference between the official victims and the alleged victims is explainable by the fact that the parent seeks to protect their children from psychological pressure and stress.

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